About The Shop

Our mission at The Funkie Moon is to consciously curate a treasure trove of joyful finds designed to ooze happiness, express color, and empower communities.


We search high and low to curate The Funkie Moon storefront to ensure your shopping experience is a unique one. When we bring products into our mix we first make sure they align with at least one, but ideally more of our buying and design principles.


1. Is the product Funkie, with a capital F? It may seem obvious, given our shop name, but it’s the number one buying principle for a reason. If the product makes you stop in your tracks, invites color into your home, and makes you smile - it’s probably the right fit for us!


2. We intentionally source products from women owned, LGBTQ owned, AAPI owned and BIPOC owned brands. 


3. We strive to find small batch, handmade goods. We don’t want our shop to house mass produced items you would find in any superstore. 


4. Giving back to charities and causes is very important to us, so we aim to do that through the products and designs we curate! We love partnering with brands who want to do the same.

Hello there Funkie friend!

My name is Kellie and I am the owner of The Funkie Moon! Welcome to my colorful, little corner of the internet - I’m over the moon that you’re here! 

I was born and raised in Austin, TX. In fact, I’d like to believe that my funkiness started with the whole “keep it weird” mantra of that part of Texas. My husband is in the military and we move around quite a bit, but I LOVE finding local creators and artists from the communities we pass through! 

While opening my own shop was a big leap, I actually come from a family of women entrepreneurs. I grew up watching my grandmother, Lillian, make a living out of her hobby.  She fully embodied the notion of “loving what you do”. Cheers to you Memaw! :)

I decided to open The Funkie Moon in early 2023 after a time in my life when I was facing an abrupt change in my career. I was left with a choice: continue down the path I was on, or, to listen to the universe as it was pulling me in a new direction. When contemplating this fork in the road, I couldn’t help but think about my brother Dustin. I lost him to cancer when he was in his 30s and I learned all too well how short life truly can be. I didn’t want life to pass me by without truly loving every second of it. Thus, the rumblings and dreaming up of what could be started. 

This treasure trove of mine is a nod to all the people out there that want to make their space more joyful and colorful. Life is too short to not buy the silly things and embrace the fun(kie) along the way. 

I couldn’t have brought The Funkie Moon to life all by myself. A huge shout out to my mom and stepdad, who have always been the first to tell me how proud they are, and to my husband who is the most supportive person in the universe and has held my hand the whole way! Additionally, please check out the “collaborate” page to learn more about the amazing women I trusted with my brand and how you too can use their services! 

Funkie Fact - shark week is my favorite week of the year && my fav shark is a scalloped hammer head.

Kellie's Top Funkie Picks

I personally hand select every item you see in The Funkie Moon! I genuinely love everything in the store but these picks were especially funkie and made it to the top of my favorites list this month!

  • Slime Shop 500 Piece Puzzle


  • Socks that Provide Meals


  • Shrimp Earrings