Champ and the Eiffel Tower Studio Paperback Book

Champ and the Eiffel Tower Studio is a charming story that embraces creativity, celebrates imagination, and highlights the positive outcomes that can result from hard work and determination. Follow along as our main character, Champ, embarks on a creative journey to fulfill his dream of becoming the first kitten to have his artwork featured in the Eiffel Tower Studio! How will Champ find art supplies? What inspires him to create? Will all of Champ's hard work be enough?

With illustrations created to captivate both children and adults, Champ and the Eiffel Tower Studio is the perfect choice for circle time with your class, story time before bed, and all of the moments in between.

Let the magic of Champ take you away to places where you dare to dream!

Pssst....Each copy is signed with a personal note from the author and illustrator, Bex Alexander!

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