Life of the Party 1000 Piece Puzzle

Life of the party is a reminder to follow your heart’s desires. Cry on your birthday. Skip the party. Grab your cake and eat it, too. Whether at home or with a crowd, this is a puzzle for celebrations large and small. The vibrant pops of color and 1970s-inspired saturation will delight even the most novice puzzler. 

Why we love working with Piecework Puzzles- Women Owned, Each Puzzle comes with a curated playlist,   Every puzzle has its own theme — a small world you can immerse yourself in, Each puzzle title is written on the spine like a book so they look as beautiful on a shelf as they do a coffee table!

Completed puzzle is 19.25 x 26.6 inches, Thick stock and high-quality art paper. Board is 100% recycled paper.

Regular price $30.00